29 Jan 2021

What is a licensed patent and what are the advantages?

Patent licensing agreements are contracts in which the patent owner (the licensor) agrees to grant the licensee the right to make, use, sell, and/or import the claimed invention, usually in return for a royalty or other compensation. This allows a company to expand to other markets through licensing and partnerships. These partnerships can then form the basis for further research aimed at developing novel innovative products or aimed at improving already existing products, all the while maintaining the intellectual rights to the invention.

How does a patent add value to my company?

The owner of a patent can implement it into the company’s business strategy and use it as a financial asset. Furthermore, a pate...

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What are Plant Breeders’ Rights?

Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) are a form of intellectual property rights by which plant breeders can protect their new varieties ...

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