BENOÎT & CÔTÉ offers personalized and leading-edge services of a boutique firm with the respected and trusted security of a top tier intellectual property firm.

Our core values

Covering all intellectual property matters.

Having previously worked together and combining over 40 years of experience, co-founders C. Marc Benoît and France Côté envisioned an IP firm that would offer a complete vision of the intellectual property needs of clients, be they inventors, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses or multinational corporations.

In 2009, having brought together a team of patent and trademark professionals covering all areas of expertise, this vision became a reality with the creation of the first BENOÎT & CÔTÉ office in Montréal, Canada. Since then, we have supplied numerous local and international clients with a wide range of services, and worked with well-known and highly respected foreign associates in order to maximize IP value.


Protect your brands (trade-marks) and innovations (patents, industrial designs).


Work with you to incorporate your brands and innovations into your business strategy.


Work with you to strategically manage your IP portfolio (and get a return on your investments).

User Friendly

Communicate in layman’s terms in accordance with entrepreneurship reality.

On time

Respect your schedule.

On Budget

Respect our estimates.


Offer services customized to your needs.


Help you better understand the complexities of IP.


Build a trusting business relationship.

IP Builder

A comprehensive IP portfolio can quickly
become a substantial asset to your company.

Building a strong foundation for IP protection will make it difficult for other people and companies to infringe upon protected rights. One way to secure IP protection is to cover IP with various types of IP rights. IP is typically protected through patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights. Finding the best way to build and protect an IP portfolio requires imagination, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the company and its product lines.

Charting an appropriate IP strategy and IP management plan, as well as understanding how an IP portfolio, in particular, can be valuable, depends on both understanding how IP fits within the company’s business strategy and understanding how IP is used in the market environment. At Benoit & Cote we offer planning and lateral thinking about not only protecting your innovations but also about how to put in place an effective and cost efficient strategy tailored to your current needs.

Our location

Based in Montreal, our office is ideally located to serve a globalized world.

Canada’s strong economic status and commitment to innovation provides an ideal atmosphere and offers fertile ground for your IP assets. The multilingual team at BENOÎT & CÔTÉ can serve you in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Romanian.

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