Trademark Agent / Shareholder

Suzanne is a Trademark Agent in Canada since 2011.  She handles all aspects of trademark prosecution in Canada, which includes: the assessment and provision of opinions with respect to the availability and registrability of trademarks; the preparation and prosecution of applications to register trademarks; post-registration maintenance; representation of clients in trademark opposition and summary cancellation proceedings; and advisory with respect to proper trademark use.

Suzanne is experienced in performing due diligence investigations of trademark holdings.  She also collaborates with lawyers in trademark litigation cases, and with counsel around the world for the prosecution and management of trademark protection for clients in Canada and internationally.

Since 2017, Suzanne has been a guest lecturer at McGill University’s summer course in IP.  She is also a member of the Trademarks Administrators course at the Institute of Canada (IPIC) and acts as instructor for the Trademark Agents Preparation Course and Trademark Administrators’ courses offered by IPIC.  She is also a member of INTA’s Trademark Administrators Committee.