IP Builders

Building a strong foundation for
IP protection will make it difficult for other people and companies to infringe upon protected rights.

A comprehensive IP portfolio can quickly
become a substantial asset to your company.

One way to secure IP protection is to cover IP with various types of IP rights. IP is typically protected through patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights. Finding the best way to build and protect an IP portfolio requires imagination, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the company and its product lines.

Charting an appropriate IP strategy and IP management plan, as well as understanding how an IP portfolio, in particular, can be valuable, depends on both understanding how IP fits within the company’s business strategy and understanding how IP is used in the market environment. At Benoit & Cote we offer planning and lateral thinking about not only protecting your innovations but also about how to put in place an effective and cost efficient strategy tailored to your current needs.

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