BENOÎT & CÔTÉ is an IP boutique firm having advanced professionals with scientific backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and biomedical technologies. We are assisting innovators in deriving the greatest value from their ideas.


A patent is a right, granted by government to exclude others from making, using, or selling your invention in Canada. The Patent Office is a part of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and is responsible for getting patents in Canada.

  • Patentability searches and opinions
  • Drafting filing and prosecuting patent applications
  • Coordinating patent fillings in foreign countries through foreign associates
  • Freedom-to-operate and infringement options
  • Due diligence verifications for intellectual property portfolios
  • Patent portfolio management services (reports, budgets, and strategy development)
  • Payment of Annul maintenance fees
  • Training seminars (basic or advanced) on patents.


A trademark is a word (or words), a design, a combination of these, or simply a sign, used to identify the goods or services of one person or organization. Your trademark helps your customers distinguish your products and services from others in the marketplace. A trademark registration provides prima facie evidence of ownership. In a dispute, the registered owner does not have to prove ownership; the onus is on the challenger.

  • Trademarks availability and registrability searches
  • Preparing, filing and registering trademarks
  • Opposition and expundgement proceedings
  • Assisting clients in filing of trademark applications abroad
  • Managing national and international trademark portfolios
  • Trademark licensing
  • Trademark coexistence agreement
  • Litigation:  violation, unfair competition and misleading marketing


In the simplest terms, “copyright” means “the right to copy.” In general, only the copyright owner, often the creator of the work, is allowed to produce or reproduce the work or to permit anyone else to do so. Copyright applies to all original, dramatic, musical, artistic and literary works (including computer programs). It also applies to performances, communication signals and sound recordings. Copyright exists automatically when an original work is created; however, registration gives you a certificate that states that you are the owner, which can be used in court as evidence of ownership.

  • Drafting and filing copyright applications
  • Coordinating filing of copyright applications in foreign countries through foreign associates
  • Strategic planning
  • Litigation

Industrial Designs

An Industrial design is the visual features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament—or any combination of these features—applied to a finished article made by hand, tool or machine. The design must have features that appeal to the eye. To be eligible for registration, your design must be original.

  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting Industrial design applications;
  • Coordinating filing of Industrial design applications in foreign countries through foreign associates; and
  • Transmission of reminders for registration renewals of Industrial designs with CIPO.

Integrated Circuit Topographies

ICTs (integrated circuit topographies) refer to the three-dimensional configurations of electronic integrated circuit products or layout designs. ICTs are all around us: in modern technology, communications, entertainment, manufacturing, medical and space technologies, and even ordinary household appliances.

  • Preparing and filing integrated circuit topography applications; and
  • Coordinating filing of integrated circuit topography applications in foreign countries through foreign associates.

Plant Breeder’s Rights certificates

  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting Plant Breeders’ Rights certificate applications with Agriculture Canada;
  • Payment of annual maintenance fees to Agriculture Canada; and
  • Training seminars on Plant Breeders’ Rights certificates.

Agreements and contracts

Drafting and negotiating various agreements and confidentiality agreements, transfer of collaboration material, research, technology transfer and licensing.

  • Confidentiality and non disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Partnership agreements
  • Collaborative technology development program
  • Technology transfer and licensing
  • Transfer of rights
  • Licensing contracts (patents, trademarks, copyright)
  • OEM contracts
  • End-user license agreements (EULA)

Internet and e-commerce

  • Terms and conditions
  • Terms of sale
  • Privacy policy
  • Domain names:
    • Registration and portfolio management
    • Mutual agreement procedures
    • Arbitration procedings